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Rochester Mills Clubs

Rochester Mills Beer Co. offers several clubs for you to join / sign up. We at Rochester Mills Beer Co. look forward for you to joining our fun and exciting clubs we offer. And the benefits are AWESOME!

Rochester Mills Birthday Club

Join our Birthday Mail Club. Receive member benefits including our special offers and events, plus a FREE Entree (up to $13 value) during your birthday month. Membership is FREE, just fill out the information below, and check "Join our Birthday Mail Club":

May 2022
Join our Birthday Mail Club?

Rochester Mills Mug Club

Once a year, you can sign up for the mug. The fee is $35.00 and the subscription will last 365 days. We will provide a membership card and a mug with a number. We will take care of the mug for you. You will be the only one to ever use your mug during your subscription. We will hold on to your membership card while you are using the mug.

Every time you come in and ask for your mug we will fill it up, at a discounted mug club price, with your choice of one of our handcrafted beers. This price only applies to the regularly price beers on tap. If any of our beers are priced higher, you will still get a discount, but at a different rate.

Once a year, we will host a Mug Club Party for all current members. We will provide some food and great beer specials. Each current member will receive an invitation.

The Mug Club entitles you to 10% OFF any of our retail items.

At the end of the one-year subscription, you will have one week to renew. If you decide not to renew, we will offer the mug number to the next customer. It is your responsibility to contact us to renew your membership.

We ask that only you use your mug. Although we try to recognize our customers, we aren’t always able to do so, please do not be offended if we request your membership card and some identification to verify that it is your mug.

The mug must stay at The Rochester Mills Beer Co. Any discrepancies or abuse of the privilege will result in cancellation of the subscription with no refund.

The Rochester Mills Beer Co. is not responsible for your mug while you are using it.

Rochester Mills Keg Club

Joining the Rochester Mills Beer Co. Keg Club allows you to keep a keg for longer than 7 days. There are two ways to join the Keg Club. The first option being an $120.00 FEE (in addition to the cost of the beer). The second option is you sacrifice your keg to us. We will make no special effort to fill your keg when an order is placed because that keg technically has become property of the Rochester Mills Beer Co. The keg cannot have another brewery’s name or logo stamped into the stainless steel. We reserve the right to not accept a keg if we feel that certain markings on the keg show ownership by another brewery. This will be determined on a case by case basis by one of the brewers.

1/2 Barrel – $100.00 / $120.00 seasonal
15.5 Gallons / 120 Pints

1/4 Barrel – $60.00 / $70.00 seasonal
7.74 Gallons / 62 Pints

1/6 Barrel/Cornie – $45.00 / $55.00 seasonal
5 Gallons / 40 Pints

If you are a member and wish to be removed from our mailing list, you may unsubscribe at any time.