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Our Beer

We pride ourselves on brewing beers the way we like to drink them.

They may be more or less true-to-style but they are always our unique take on that style. While our brewing decisions are not driven by focus groups, we have found our beers appeal to a broad range of craft beer enthusiasts, from the experienced to the newcomer. Our Special Releases and Small Batch Brewer’s Select series beers utilize the vast range of our recipe book. We always approach beer as a craft rather than as a commodity. As a result, our beers truly reflect our passion for brewing.

Our Production Brewery is currently packaging five of our core brands in 16 oz. Aluminum cans for distribution and makes all core and seasonal brands they produce available in tall 1/4 barrels and 1/2 barrels.

Our Brewpub Exclusive beers showcase, on a daily basis, the full extent our our portfolio. Enjoyed by the pint or to go in growlers and kegs, rest assured you’ll always find something brewing at the Mills.

keg inside of the brewing facility
kegs for brewing beer

Handcrafted Lagers & Ales

Available by the sampler, pint or pitcher

Lazy Daze Lite

4.1% abv. | American-style light beer

A clean and crisp, low calorie, golden brew created for those who prefer lighter, less assertive brews. Brewed with 100% malted barley

Lazy Daze Lager

5.3% abv. | German-style lager

A crisp, golden lager with a malty flavor and a clean, smooth finish

Cornerstone IPA

6.6% abv. | India Pale Ale

This unfiltered amber-colored ale is packed full of hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. IPA is the most bitter beer style and it is enjoyed by people we refer to as “hopheads.” We dry hop this beer with a combination of English and American hop varieties for a wonderfully aromatic finish

Rochester Red

5.9% abv. | English-style red (ale)

This deep red-colored ale is full of caramelly sweet malt flavors, yet nicely balanced with a smooth finish

Milkshake Stout

5.0% abv. | Sweet Stout (ale)

This stout is rich and creamy. It is brewed with lactose (milk sugar) to impart a fuller body and sweeter palate

Pleszures Pale Ale

6.1% abv. | American Style PaleAle

This medium-bodied beer features a crisp and refreshing hop flavor and aroma perfect for someone who is interested in hops but not in the mood for an IPA. The signature hop variety used in this beer is Amarillo. Served unfiltered

Paint Creek Porter

5.6% abv. | Robust Porter (ale)

This robust porter is brewed with a lot of chocolate malt for a rich, velvety, roasted flavor. It is full-bodied, dark in color, and one of the brewer’s favorite beer styles

Water Street Wheat

5.8% abv. | German-style wheat

An unfiltered German-style wheat beer with the traditional banana and clove flavors and aromas derived from the unique Hefe-Weizen yeast strain

Wits Organic

6.1% abv. ~ Belgian Style Witbier (ale)

This beer is our version of the classic Belgian Wit style. It is a wheat beer brewed with sweet orange peel and coriander. All ingredients used to brew this beer are certified organic. Wit’s Organic is served unfiltered

Seasonal Beers

Ask your server what specialty and or seasonal brews Head Brewer Forrest Knapp has available.

Michigan Guest Taps

Support Michigan Breweries! Ask your server what we currently feature

Seasonal Mead Selection

Ask your server or bartender what meads we have on tap from local meadery B. Nektar Meadery - Ferndale Mi

Current Seasonal Beers

Mills Maibock

7.0% | Maibock

Our Maibock is a highly anticipated seasonal.  This brew has a moderate malt aroma that is accompanied by a slight spicy character from the use of noble hops.  Maibock is a light amber color with great clarity due to lagering, and has a creamy white head.  It also has slightly higher carbonation and medium body and mouthfeel.

I'll Be Back Schwarzbier

5.3% | Schwarzbier

Schwarzbier which literally translates to “black beer” is a dark German style lager that features a moderate hop bitterness and distinct flavor from the combination of munich and roasted malts.

Sacralicious Stout

5.0% | Dry Stout

The classic beer of Ireland, this full-bodied dry stout has strong coffee and chocolate malt flavors balanced by a firm, hoppy finish. This stout has an almost opaque black cherry color with a dark long lasting head. Heavy roast, chocolate, and vanilla flavors accompany this rich full-bodied meal in a glass.

Gypsy Goddess (Production)

4.0% | Radler

This light-bodied American shandy beer has bright citrus aromas and flavors of fresh lemon and berries with a sweet, subtly tart finish

Brut Squad

7.0% | Brut IPA

This is our new seasonal Champagnestyle IPA. This brew features very light body, ultra-pale color and a very dry finish. Brut Squad has a refreshing tropical/citrus hop flavor and aroma. With a higher carbonation, thinner body and dry finish Brut Squad has many characteristics reminiscent of Champagne

Punk Monk Tripel

10.0% | Belgian Tripel

This tripel has a complex flavor and aroma profile. To start we added traditional Belgian rock candi sugar to the boil, by doing this we increase sweetness and alcohol content. The aroma features significant spiciness and esters reminiscent of black pepper, clove and banana and hints of lemon, these aromas come from the use of Belgian yeast and the addition of spices (grains of paradise and lemon peel.) The flavor is a blend of the same spicy and fruity flavors with a hint of alcohol. The hop character is mild and more on the spicy side instead of the bitter side due to the use of noble hops.  Overall this beer is rich and smooth and easy to drink (especially since it is 10% a.b.v.)

Summer Daze Hard Seltzer

5.0% | Hard Seltzer

Our newest seasonal is a hard seltzer that is crystal clear and highly carbonated. Served over ice. Look for a variety of flavors throughout the summer.

Flannel Mouth

6.5% | Hard Cider

Blake’s Flannel Mouth is made with a wide array of late season table and dessert apples. This succulent combination gives it a sweet flavor then finishes incredibly smoothly. Made 100% with Michigan-grown apples, Flannel Mouth is sure to win you over. Again and again