Keg Club


Joining the Rochester Mills Beer Co. Keg Club allows you to keep a keg for longer than 7 days. There are two ways to join the Keg Club. The first option being an $120.00 FEE (in addition to the cost of the beer). The second option is you sacrifice your keg to us. We will make no special effort to fill your keg when an order is placed because that keg technically has become property of the Rochester Mills Beer Co. The keg cannot have another brewery’s name or logo stamped into the stainless steel. We reserve the right to not accept a keg if we feel that certain markings on the keg show ownership by another brewery. This will be determined on a case by case basis by one of the brewers.


1/2 Barrel – $100.00 / $120.00 seasonal
15.5 Gallons / 120 Pints

1/4 Barrel – $60.00 / $70.00 seasonal
7.74 Gallons / 62 Pints

1/6 Barrel/Cornie – $45.00 / $55.00 seasonal
5 Gallons / 40 Pints