The Pub

What's On-Tap at The Pub

House Beers

Milkshake Stout 5.3%
Lazy Daze Lite 4.0%
Lazy Daze Lager 5.3%
Rochester Red Ale 6.3%
Pleszure’s Pale Ale 6.0%
Cornerstone IPA 6.3%
Paint Creek Porter 5.6%
Wit’s Organic 6.0%
Water Street Wheat 5.3%

Mills Pils 5.3%



Seasonal Selections

Brickshot ESB 5.3%

Cloudy McClouderson 5.7%%

Punk Monk Tripel 10%

French Toast Stout 5.3%

Emmetts Time Machine Brown 6.4%

Blakes Hard Cider: Flannel Mouth 6.5%

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