Rochester Mills Production Brewery 2016 Beer Release Calendar


We are really excited about a 2016 that appears to be packed full of potential made possible by some investments we’ve made in our operations, continued support from our current and growing fan base, and plenty of hard work by our dedicated brew crew.

As we look ahead at our 2016 Release calendar, each month seems to bring something new and exciting. To begin with, we will be packaging more of our brews in CANS! Cans are great. We love ’em and could go on and on as to why we’ve chosen to package our beer in cans rather than bottles (If you’ve been to the Production Brewery for a tour you know it often leads to a 15 minute soapbox rant and open challenge to debate). However, choosing cans has restricted the number of different beers we’ve been able to package and distribute. Until now.

We recently purchased a can labeler that will allow us to get more of your favorite Rochester Mills Beers into the CAN. Up first, Newton’s ALEchemy DIPA. What could be better than all that hoppy goodness sealed fresh in a CAN for you to enjoy. (That’s rhetorical, hence no question mark).  You can also look forward to ALL of our Seasonal Brews packaged in CANS, including Tongue Tied Cherry Saison and Snow Dazed Winter Ale, and even some limited availability of our coveted Bourbon Barrel Aged beers.

Speaking of sought after beers… We want you to know that we’ve heard your cries for more Flavored Milkshake Stout and are ready to respond with the limited release of some of your favorites, starting with Blueberry Pancake Milkshake Stout, which will be available on draft and IN THE CAN at the end of February.

This 2016 Release calendar gives you a pretty good idea as to what’s coming and when. We do reserve the right to make changes if we need to and have built in the possibility of a few Brewer’s Reserve small batch releases, so stay tuned. It looks like 2016 is shaping up to be another great year of craft beer.