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The Rochester Mills Production Brewery, LLC (RMPB) is a microbrewery located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit located approximately 20 miles North of Detroit city center. RMPB was founded by Mike Plesz and began producing beer for distribution in the Spring of 2012. RMPB is the exclusive producer of the Rochester Mills Beer Co. brands for distribution.

While the Brewpub has primarily been engaged in the brewing and sales of beer on premises (as well as putting out some fantastic food), the RMPB focuses on brewing beer on an industrial-scale with greater capacity, quality control and ability to package and distribute beer through a growing network of wholesalers. Our wholesale partners, in turn, distribute our beer through a variety of retail establishments, including bars, restaurants, casinos, entertainment venues, golf courses, as well as grocery, convenience and specialty stores.

The Production Brewery’s 46,000 square foot plant and offices are home to a 50 barrel (approximately 1550 gallon) “brew house,” which includes a mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, whirlpool, and hot and cold liquor tanks. The State of the Art system is capable of producing approximately 60,000 barrels of beer annually (and could exceed 100,000 barrels with modifications), so it is designed to accommodate our future planned growth. The brewery utilizes a Siemens Braumat control system, which automates much of the brewing process and creates efficiencies relative to the manpower needed to operate the brewery.

Producing craft beer of the highest quality has been the focus of our brewing team from the beginning. The investments we’ve made and are committed to make in our operations will ensure that Rochester Mills continues the proud tradition of beer brewing in Michigan.

With a newly purchased centrifuge we are consistently working to improve our beer and the process in which we produce it. This centrifuge helps to filter the beer as to get a better color, better shelf life and have more pronounced flavors in our 16-ounce aluminum cans. It also allows us to get beers to market quicker and provide a better tasting product for you.



Our newly constructed taproom located in RMPB is a perfect way for people to come out and try some new and classic Rochester Mills beer. Located near the back of RMPB you have a chance to walk through the production facility before entering the taproom, getting a new behind-the-scenes look at how the beer makes it from barrel to shelf. The Taproom is open Thursday-Saturday 4pm-10pm with constant rotating taps for a chance to try a variety of beers as well as the opportunity to purchase and try our many canned beers. It is the perfect place to hold birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversaries and many other events. Bring in your own food or have it catered, this is the perfect spot to enjoy some great beer and company.

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