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Milkshake Stout

5.0% abv. – IBUs: 20 – Sweet Stout (ale)

A proprietary blend of 7 malts , along with a low hop level creates a deep dark beer featuring rich, sweet roasted flavors. The addition of lactose (milk sugar) adds complexity, body, and a residual sweetness lending a smooth creamy texture to this full-flavored brew. Once a Seasonal offering in the pub, now prominently featured due to popular demand.

Taste / Aroma: Malty, Sweet, Chocolaty, Caramel, Coffee Full-bodied
Serving Temperature: Cool, 46-54°
Glassware: Pint or nonic, tumbler, beer mug
Cheese Pairing Ideas: Brie, Camembert, Cheddar (aged), Goat Cheese (Chevrè), Swiss Cheese
Food Pairing Ideas: Beef barbecue, spicy Asian dishes, chocolate cake and other chocolate desserts