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Dubbel Fisted Belgian Dubbel

8.0% abv. IBUs: 21 – Belgian Style Dubbel Ale

This is a complex, rich, malty sweet beer with hints of caramel and toast. It presents a fruity aroma reminiscent of raisins, plums and banana with a whiff of clove and spice. The flavor profile of this beer is similar to its aroma with the addition of dried fruits. There is virtually no hop bitterness to the Dubbel. This is a medium bodied beer that pours a dark copper color topped by a creamy, dense, off-white head. Lastly we used Belgian candied sugar in this beer, a traditional ingredient in stronger Belgian beers, to amplify its flavor and boost its strength. The result is a beer that is higher in alcohol at 8.0% but it hides it well, meaning it is easy to drink and doesn’t have a harsh alcohol flavor or heat.

Taste / Aroma: Malty, fruity esters, medium-bodied
Serving Temperature: Cellar, 55-57°
Glassware: Stemmed Tulip Glass or Chalice Glass
Cheese Pairing Ideas: Brie, Havarti, Morbier
Food Pairing Ideas: Barbecue, beef stew, steak, chocolates