Oktoberfest is (Already) Here! #toosoon?

In case you missed it, Rochester Mills Production Brewery launched its latest Seasonal Brew, Oktoberfest Celebration Lager this weekend to rave reviews from all who attended the Sold Out event. But some enthusiasts on the inter-webs have been critical of the timing for the Mills’ most anticipated yearly release, going as far as tagging photos with the hashtag #toosoon. But is it ever too soon for a great beer? We say, “No!”


The effects of Seasonal Creep have begun to plague the industry for some time now. (For more information on Seasonal Creep, check out this link) With Summer Shandies appearing earlier and earlier in February each passing year. And with Sam Adams releasing their Oktoberfest last week – if we don’t get ours out quickly, we won’t have a chance at showing up on any Tap handles at your favorite watering holes around town.

This year’s batch of Oktoberfest has turned out fantastic! (As has all of Tom’s* creations of late) Our take on the more traditional Bavarian Märzen pours a brilliant copper-red color with a bright white head.  It presents with a full-bodied maltiness and ends with a little spicy and dryish finish. In a word, Wunderbar!

So if you can’t wait for our Annual Autumn Celebration in Downtown Rochester, head to the Production Brewery’s Public Taproom in Auburn Hills Thursday-Saturday (4-10pm) where you can satisfy your taste buds with a cold pint or pick up a 4-pack (or Case) to go as you wait for the leaves to begin to turn colors.

So again, we repeat. it’s Never too soon for any beer style.
(Unless it’s a Pumpkin beer. It’s always too soon for those.)


Taproom Manager & Marketing Swiss Army Knife at
Rochester Mills Production Brewery

*Tom Hudak is our head brewer at the Production Brewery

– Opinions expressed by Dave are his and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of everyone at the Brewery. If you have an issue with what has been posted and would like to discuss further, he can be reached at david@beercos.com